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Tons in Episode Mikado owns a Mindows 7 desktop computer that runs wbunte and uses it to visit the websites Yohoo! Tube, Nixi , and NSM, among others. That computer is a stew of Bland Name Products , let’s see The hard drives are a Seagate and a Maxtor to the extent that they never bothered to change how their model numbers work , and to top it off, it has a Sony DVD drive. In episode 21, Kadota buys Mikado an energy drink called Red Snake.

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That was a truly outwardly existence. To people it is truly a different existence. A strange being deviated from the realms of common sense. Just what is the thing that appeared bringing to Ikebukuro?

Jan 09,  · This paper toy is the Masaomi Kida [blank template], based on the light novel / anime / manga series Durarara!!, the paper craft was created by niibi. Masaomi Kida is a resident of Ikebukuro and Mikado Ryūgamine’s best friend from childhood. He was the one who encouraged Mikado to come to Ikebukuro. He is enthusiastic about.

Celty all but snaps when she finally confronts her “head” grafted onto the body of Mika Harima during the Dollars meetup and confirms her greatest fear — that she’s never gonna get it back. She only calms down after both the reveal that it isn’t actually her head and a big argument with Shinra over where her real head is Innocent Cohabitation: It wasn’t connected to begin with, but she still wants to hold it; however it has gone missing.

Motorcycle Fu Mundane Utility: This eventually starts to change when she begins coming to terms with the fact that she’s built up enough of an identity over the last twenty years that she doesn’t really need her old memories anymore. Really Seven Hundred Years Old: Celty isn’t quite sure how old she is, thanks to the amnesia, but the few fuzzy memories she does retain go back over a hundred years.

Samus Is A Girl: People tend not to immediately recognize that Celty is female.

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I don’t own Durarara or any of it’s elements. I’m just a fan. Friendship Anri and Mikado started to date, nothing much changed about the situation they spent a lot of their free time together. If anything changed they might have spent more time together and were a little less shy about touching, after what they ended up doing together it seemed silly that they would have trouble holding hands.

Personality and what you do: Gentle, sweet, friendly, nice, smart, blunt, your really hyper and all lovey dovy with Mikado. You’re the student council’s vice-president. How you met: In spring you were walking down the hallway to go home.

This page is for the relationship between Anri Sonohara and Mikado Ryuugamine. They, along with Masaomi would frequently hang out after school around the city. In the light novels, after Masaomi leaves the city, Anri begins to call Mikado by his first name and the two of them begin to spend much more time together to the point where most in the school assume they have started dating.

Indeed, they have even become somewhat famous around the school for it. However, they both deny these sentiments and insist on being only friends. Romance Edit From the beginning, it is clear that Mikado has interest in being more than just friends with Anri and has made attempts to further this goal at varying points. However, his naturally timid nature often prevents him from expressing his emotions clearly. After Masaomi leaves, Mikado decides to avoid entering into an actual relationship with Anri because he wants everything to be as it was for Masaomi when he finally returns.

Mikado and Anri

Shizuo manages this with a good portion of his fights, though Kida pulled it off when he fought with his old gang. Masaomi told them about how he and Saki ran off and had spent a great deal of time at the beach just escaping from the world. Kinnosuke Kuzuhara the traffic cop who, despite being in the second opening, is only a less brown 10 rules for dating character for one episode and makes a minor cameo later on.

Many characters have this as a running theme.

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The suspense is building…I guess…but only in fits and starts, not a surging stream. Last week everyone moved a little closer to a final showdown in front of Russia Sushi; this week everyone moved a little closer to a final showdown in front of Russia Sushi. Izaya decides the best way to kill Shizuo is by carbon dioxide asphyxiation, so he leads him into an area where a pocket of the stuff slowly chokes him.

Is it the basic morality and kindness that made Shinra fall for her in the first place, shining through even in her rebooted state? As for Shizuo, he naturally survives the blast, and pulls down the entire steel structure upon which Izaya stands, sending him plummeting. Before he can hit the ground, Shizuo belts him with a girder like a bat hitting a ball, sending Izaya flying through the starless urban night he loves so much.

Chitoge and Masaomi get a birds-eye view of the situation on the ground, with swirling masses of ordinary people moving around in strange mechanical patterns, around the Russia Sushi epicenter. Finally, in one of the more unexpected pairings, Manami ends up helping a wounded Shinra enter a taxi so he too can get to where everyone else seems to be going.

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Chapter 2: The Talk. Anri and Mikado were kissing on top of her bed. Their cheeks were flushed as they kissed. It was a new experience for them both, neither had every had someone they could really call a boyfriend or girlfriend.

The main difference is that while Baccano! Fans looked forward to a version of Baccano! While it was never a major hit, Durarara!! I’m surprised that the original novels didn’t come out earlier, only getting an English release last year. By that point, the anime was almost over, and a manga adaptation had been in print since With that much Durarara!!

Or do they just retread ground covered well in other adapted formats? Three volumes in, I’m happy to report that these novels not only still have plenty to offer, they may in fact be the ideal way to experience this story. While solid in their own rights, these adaptations have only diluted Ryohgo Narita ‘s vision as seen in these light novels.

I found that these books seek to explore ideas as well as entertain. Narita has a unique perspective on humanity, which draws me in as much as the characters’ antics.

Threesome Subtext

Suma is mad scientist! It’s so cool, sunuvabitch! Jun5 By Kyokai , posted under Durarara!!

masaomi kida drrr durarara dating sim drrr!! drrrx2 drrr! durarara!! durarara! lumi art shnarkboi thank you Durarara!! Sims. the sims durarara Durarara!! some turned out so bad but others are really good so Masaomi Kida Mikado Ryugamine Anri Sonohara Saki Mikajima Walker Yumasaki Kyohei Kadota Erika Karisawa togusa saburo Namie Yagiri.

He was the one who encouraged Mikado to come to Ikebukuro. He is enthusiastic about picking-up girls, but seems to be a failure at it. He was depressed and lonely before Mikado arrived because his girlfriend was kidnapped and injured during a gang war between the Blue Squares and Yellow Scarves, which he led at the time. After Anri is injured during the Slasher incidents and the rising presence of the Dollars, he is forced to become the leader of the Yellow Scarves once more.

He leaves Ikebukuro with his ex-girlfriend, Saki Mikajima, during the conflict between the 3 main forces in Ikebukuro. Masaomi founded the Yellow Scarves when he was in middle school, intending it to be a playful sort of team. However, as the gangs grew older, one of their rival gangs, Blue Square, began to get serious, stretching the boundaries of a typical gang of middle schoolers and becoming quite violent.

The Yellow Scarves naively expected a fair battle, but Blue Square allegedly played dirty and only picked fights that they could win, devastating the Yellow Scarves.


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Nothing is as it seems. Izaya has a lot of motives, even more than Mikado. My reaction to this episode: What is happening after all? How can the storyline suddenly switch from deadly suspense to mush? We are back to the thick of things when Seiji is ready to wound Mikado for finding out where Celty-Harima is. The crowd has gone back to being colourless. As predicted previously, Celty comes and intervenes to save Mikado. Seiji thanks Mikado for his assistance for getting Celty away from his sister and explains how he has been watching her since he was a kid.

His love crazy and over-obsessive mind rant was a pain: My love will not be shattered by someone who relies on numbers. Even if I feel pain right now, it will not bother me at all!

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Hilarity Ensues Despite many of the girls in the class believing this, they are off-put by an expression by a clearly perverted and weird Buddhist Monk of this philosophy in one episode. The episode deals with different things in life being “previews” for later things, and the Monk claims that standing outside of your beloved’s home is a preview for a date. His audience protests that this is just stalking.

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The fuse to a new series of events begins to smolder! Episode 2 Sub Harmony Is the Greatest of Virtues Due to her appearance on TV, Celty Sturluson has gained even more attention and 10 million yen is being offered to uncover her identity. Episode 2 Dub Harmony Is the Greatest of Virtues Due to her appearance on TV, Celty Sturluson has gained even more attention and 10 million yen is being offered to uncover her identity. A chance meeting gives them reason to reveal their secrets to one another.

Meanwhile, the various situations in Ikebukuro begin to intersect. Caught up in the chaos, Mairu and Kururi join with Kyohei and the others. However, the sparks of a new uproar begin to light, one after another. Mikado hears of a bad rumor about the Dollars and starts trying to figure out the truth. After fleeing the company, Varona and Sloan act as hitmen in Japan.

Mikado receives an unexpected visit from Aoba. Akane explains the real intention behind her attempt to kill Shizuo. Varona and Sloan, meanwhile, maintain their pursuit of Celty as the Awakusu group searches for both Akane and Shizuo. When she learned the truth behind the family business, it was Izaya that reached out to her.

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Anri had joined out little group. Mikado and Anri were beside each other, and Masaomi and I were beside each other. It is obvious that Mikado likes Anri. It is quite funny, really. Mikado was shocked when he had found out that Masaomi and I are dating.

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Her friend Mika is placed in the same class but is missing. Anri volunteers to be class representative because it’s what Mika would have done. When she unintentionally stares at Mika’s seat, Mikado, who sits directly in front of the empty seat, takes it as a hint that she wants him to volunteer as the male class representative. Anri spends the first couple days of school searching for Mika and asking Seiji if he has seen her. Some of Anri’s middle school bullies reappear to insult her. When Mikado, Masaomi, Izaya, and eventually Shizuo become involved in what turns into a huge streetfight, Mikado grabs Anri and runs away.

She befriends Mikado and Masaomi and tells them about Mika. Mikado stops Masaomi from hitting on Anri. She explains Mika’s eccentricities, going so far as to call her a stalker. She also brings up how they were both using each other to make themselves feel better, which Mikado is able to understand.

Fall for You – Mikado x Anri AMV