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Arthur and Merlin meet in a game of World of Warcraft. Then they meet IRL. Call it a bonus when destiny lives next door. Is he setting himself up for a fall; or will the course of true love run smoothly for once? He was doing pretty well for himself, considering he was kind of funny looking and definitely not popular. Then Arthur Pendragon came long and fucked it all up. Well, there was also Gwaine. He might as well start there. Neither of them suspects their little bet will backfire so spectacularly—or open up so many possibilities. The balance is in jeopardy, and Merlin may be the only one who can help him restore order in the chaos.

What are the ‘Merlin’ cast doing now?

Now or Never by BabyBearxox reviews After arriving in Auradon, Harry sets out to find a way to make his princess remember who he is. Meanwhile, a curious Queenie tries to figure out why her closest friends are hell-bent on keeping her away from Uma’s pirate crew. Sequel to ‘Sink or Swim’.

Stabs Morgana in the back, joins the knights, shows kindness to the prisoners, doesn’t use his magic, and doesn’t reveal Merlin’s identity to either Arthur or Morgana. The show’s been doing a very good job not letting us know if he’s heel or face until his Face-Heel Turn in 2x

Psychiatrist Arthur Pendragon takes on a new patient, Merlin Emrys, who is the victim of a brutal crime. Arthur’s professional and personal life clash as the case in question was investigated by none other than DCS Uther Pendragon. Has a Slash sequel: Uther Pendragon gets revenge on sorcercy by twisting it to his own purpose. When he follows up reports of a young sorcerer living in one of the outlying villages, it becomes apparent that Arthur and Merlin’s destiny remains entwined.

Merlin finds out that he has led a very sheltered life, and the prince seems to want to keep it that way. I think But really, anything by this author is a favorite. Ties That Bind by shadowglove When Merlin saves a young boy from would-be-kidnappers, he unknowingly starts the course of events that lead him to meet the boy’s father, Arthur, who has played a painful part in changing Merlin’s familiy’s life in the past.

Also anything by shadowglove is gold. Series by shadowglove http: When at war with Camelot, Mercia captures a large quantity Camelot’s knights to keep hostage. As a reward, King Bayard gives Merlin, his Grand Court Sorcerer, a gift in the form of one of the captured knights, a beautiful, difficult boy named Arthur. There are currently 6 parts.

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Other than that, enjoy! You jerked your head out of her grasp. Just like you will.

For Merlin is magic, and it is his destiny to protect Arthur. The challenge though, is that magic is outlawed, and Merlin must use his powers in secret. Together, Arthur and Merlin battle against the evil forces of the dark sorceress Morgana, who wants to claim Camelot as her own.

They were judge, jury, and executioner, all in one nasty package. Retribution Moral Dissonance is the result of having a hero who has a double standard and no one notices. It can include any unintentional Double Standard on the hero’s part that becomes obvious to the viewer during a walk to the fridge. It’s important to point out the hero isn’t necessarily acting the Jerkass , Anti-Hero , or morally myopic villain , and may in fact be likable and decent, but their actions simply don’t line up with their rhetoric and no one calls them on it.

Usually results from using either an old Aesop or trope that’s a genre staple with different values to those of the hero, usually resulting in a Broken Aesop. The Punch-Clock Villain minions? Doesn’t even flinch when he has to kill them because they inconvenience him. Since they don’t have a name it doesn’t really matter. This gets its own subtrope: What Measure Is a Mook?


Majority of her fans appear to be intrigued by the dating life of this talented actress. This gorgeous Irish beauty tends to keep her relationship to herself. She prefers not to be open about her personal life. However, she did announce some big news towards the end of

Dating Morgana would include *requested* • Uther didn’t exactly approve of you and Morgana seeing each other when he first found out • So Arthur would have to help you sneak in and out of the castle.

Each time he builds on his experiences of the time before in order to make a different and more morally ambiguous decision. She Cleans Up Nicely: Elena, especially when that sidhe was removed from inside her. Guinevere in the dream sequence of her coronation. And in season five, with those rich dresses. Camelot Shipper on Deck: A lot of the reason the show has such a harmonious fandom is that there is copious subtext for every possible ship.

Even the incestuous and huge-age-differenced ones. And the show knows this. The trailer for season 4 contains a passionate kiss between Guinevere and Lancelot, a scene that ends with Arthur storming in on them and attacking Lancelot. Out of everything else featured in the trailer, it’s this scene that generated most of the debate in the fandom.

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We had to do a scene where we were submerged in a lake, and it was freezing. Here was I, the Queen, waist deep in the lake with my husband, King Arthur Bradley James , while the crew were standing on the banks casually discussing how they could best do the shot. It seems not, for the new series is much darker and more adult than previous episodes, with unexpected twists and daring special effects, filmed on an immense scale with a cast of more than

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Hidden Hebrides, Scotland October 17, Lord Orion Black, the Duke of Ravensmoor, sat in his study and stared out at the clear autumn day, seeing nothing. Pity it was too early for a drink. A Blood War which killed purebloods in equal numbers to muggleborns, including half the ancient Families. His sons; one who was dead by his majority, the other imprisoned and tortured without even a trial.

That smarmy bastard that teachers adored and younger students avoided. Orion had already set an investigation into Riddle in motion weeks ago — Ophelia had given him a strong hint that set him on that path. Whether the world knew it or not, the bastard was forever more an enemy of the House of Black. Orion closed his eyes at the thought of his baby and the fate that he met in another future.

EAD: Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Chapter One

The first lady of Camelot and we are very aware that she is top dog. She is in control and she can manipulate all the men. She’s very interesting, great fun to play. Not your average, retiring type of girl. She’s a go-getter, stand up for herself kind of girl. Before acting, Katie McGrath wanted to work in fashion journalism.

Merlin Fanfic Recs In the LM Hive, I am, according to the wiki, known for reccing fluffy fics. characters as professors (except for Geoffrey of Monmouth, who is a respected academic source). And Arthur thinks that Merlin is dating Gwen, when she is really really not. Arthur stalks Merlin, Morgana lives to create chaos in Arthur’s life.

SyFy starts its run of the last 12 episodes this Friday. Knowing the end is nigh for the knights, ladies, druids, sorcerers and dragons of Camelot made it a massive but bittersweet treat for us to talk to stars Colin Morgan and Katie McGrath by phone all the way from London. Even after a morning full of interviews and a questionable phone connection, both actors were exceedingly gracious, and the camaraderie between them was obvious.

While the rest of Camelot may live in fear of the Lady Morgana, Katie McGrath wishes she could take more of her character with her off-screen. From the very start of our conversation, it was clear that McGrath was nothing like the angry, vengeful sorceress she portrays on the show. She was instantly playful and joking, poking some friendly fun at her co-stars. Five seasons has seen a dramatic change in the relationship between these two women.

Could there possibly be reconciliation in their future? As long as Gwen admits that Morgana should be Queen and her ruler. And that Morgana looks better in the crown. I think that really is her sticking point. She has moved on from that. The two actors have a hilarious and genuine friendship that shines through onto their easy rapport as Merlin and Arthur.

Katie and Colin on Morgana and Merlin