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Share this article Share ‘We all need to respect their privacy during this difficult time and we deeply regret his passing, which was completely unexpected. According to Swiss press, Mr Wauthier’s widow is reported to have accused Mr Ackermann of forcing her husband ‘into a corner’ and cited his ‘tough management style’ as a factor in his death. I have reasons to believe that the family is of the opinion that I should take my share of responsibility, as unfounded as any allegations might be. It is the second potential Swiss suicide in recent months at a high profile firm. Carsten Schloter, chief executive of telecoms firm Swisscom, also took his own life. Wauthier, who had a wife and two grown up children, joined the firm as head of investor relations and rose rapidly to board level. A spokeswoman for Zurich Insurance did not elaborate on what allegations Ackermann was referring to surrounding Wauthier, who was 53 and left a wife and two children. Zurich’s chief executive Martin Senn had said he was not aware of any dispute that could have driven Wauthier to his death.

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Switzerland has a good and bustling online dating scene much like Germany.

The Federal Office of Topography swisstopo “measures” Switzerland. It surveys and documents the landscape and the underground, and produces high-quality spatially-referenced geodata. Its most important products include landscape and height models, aerial images, orthophotos, geological data and maps, reference data and of course the well-known series of national maps.

South of the Lindenhof in the Old Town, St. Peter’s Church stands on a little hill. You can see the original 9th-century foundation underneath the chancel. In , the church acquired the largest clock dials in Europe, 8. Built between the 11th and the 13th centuries, it is a Romanesque three-aisled galleried basilica with a chancel over a crypt that dates from about The upper levels of the towers date from , but the domed tops were added in High on the south tower on the river side is a seated figure of Charlemagne, who is believed to have founded the order to which the church originally belonged.

You can see the badly weathered original of the statue in the crypt; the outside one is a copy. Be sure to see the two modern bronze doors done in , the sculptured Romanesque capitals, remains of Gothic wall-paintings, and the Late Romanesque cloister from about The three vividly colored stained-glass windows in the choir were designed by Augusto Giacometti in Connecting these two points on the west side is the broad Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s most fashionable shopping street.

Rising from the other side of the river is the Old Town of narrow streets and squares lined with Medieval and Renaissance buildings. These highly-rated hotels in Zurich are all in this central area: Often found on the “Best Hotels in Europe” lists, Baur au Lac is known for great service and its elegant, spacious rooms overlooking the lake, as well as for its Michelin-starred Pavillon restaurant.

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Having failed at attempts to take the guns themselves from homes and store them in government facilities, the new law takes aim at ammo rather than the guns. The Swiss are still allowed to possess firearms; they simply will not be allowed to possess the ammunition to use them. This is the backdoor method of disarming citizens, and it is very effective.

Even they will be required to keep their ammo at approved government facilities. The fact that a Leftist minority group was able to convince a majority of representatives in the Swiss Federal Assembly to approve the measure is considered a major victory for Socialism and the push to strip individual citizens of the right to keep and bear arms.

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Sediments are in fact differentiated by changes in texture, mineralogical and geochemical composition. Distal turbidite and glacial rhythmite deposition associated with wind-transported sediment supply dominate during the Oldest Dryas. The Younger Dryas climate reversal for the first time in Lake Geneva well documented by a pollen record was characterized by an increase in detrital supply owing to increased run-off from the bay slopes surrounding and within the catchment area, caused by thinning of vegetation cover.

A brief pause in endogenic precipitation related to decreased productivity also occurs at this time. Endogenic carbonate sedimentation abruptly resumed at the start of the Preboreal biozone in response to the rapid global climatic warming. In the middle Preboreal, renewed detrital sedimentation is interpreted as the sedimentological response to increased erosion in high-altitude regions of the catchment area, caused by a minor early Holocene cooling phase Preboreal oscillation , and interrupts the trend towards increasing endogenic calcite precipitation.

Favourable limnic conditions are reached during the late Preboreal, when diatom—calcite rhythmites begin to form. Endogenic calcite deposition continues during the Boreal biozone, occasionally interrupted by local high-energy sedimentary processes wave-induced erosion and reworking of littoral deposits enhanced by progressive lake-level lowering. During the Older Atlantic biozone, sedimentation was mainly dominated by low-energy deposition, creating enhanced conditions for the development of benthic fauna.

We will discuss the factors that make Geneva Bay an important site for recording the Late glacial—Holocene climate and environmental changes. The comparison with other Swiss Plateau lacustrine systems allowed us to emphasize the role played by the particular geographical and morphological setting of the site investigated and links with climate-sensitive regions in the catchment area. Previous article in issue.

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The Technorama or the Umweltarena provide fascinating insights into the laws of nature, while at Zurich Zoo, visitors can observe wild animals at close quarters. Sport Twelve water slides guarantee never-ending fun at the largest indoor water park in Switzerland.

Earlier this year, Turner made the headlines for accepting Swiss citizenship while simultaneously renouncing her US citizenship, presumably for tax reasons. The US has the questionable distinction of being the only industrialized country that taxes its citizens who reside abroad. One would wish that the US would apply similar standards to US corporations, but that is a different matter. Taxes aside, Turner seems to be genuinely at ease in Switzerland: Oprah, her wedding guest, had a different story to tell to Entertainment Tonight.

Oprah apparently entered the exclusive boutique Trois Pommes which Oprah refused to identify in downtown Zurich by herself, without any of her handlers. She asked to see a handbag with a SFr. Upscale shopping street in the historic heart of Zurich In the interview, Oprah was clearly annoyed because her star power apparently has not reached tiny Switzerland yet: I had my little Donna Karan skirt and my little sandals.

So this does not happen to me unless somebody obviously does not know it is me. As in the cases of the Nazi Gold and the bank secret, Switzerland again sees itself exposed to a barrage of international accusations, and the gut reaction is to circle the wagons—a posture that is common when small states see themselves exposed to massive criticism and pressure from abroad.

And Oprah delivered all the arguments for this defensive posture. This also is unfortunate because Oprah clearly has had a positive impact on young black women around the world. In a visit to South Africa some years ago, a group of young women from Limpopo province glowingly told us how Oprah is a role model for them who as a person of color and as a woman made it in a world dominated by white men.

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The interiors are inevitably stark but relieved by the stained-glass windows of Giacometti and a fine Romanesque portal. This is a real Zurich institution, which is rightly famed for its macaroons. The Limmat River Credit: Descend at the viaduct, whose arches are filled with independent design stores and art galleries and home to a food market. Start with a light lunch at Les Halles at Pfingstweidstrasse 6 44 11 25; les-halles.

This is a noisy, fun place, famous for its mussels.

The largest university in Switzerland is the University of Zurich with nearly 25, students. [citation needed] The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETHZ) and the University of Zurich are listed 20th and 54th respectively, on the Academic Ranking of World Universities.

The opera house continues to be a world-class venue for Opera, and seats twelve hundred. Lindenhof This pedestrian-only green space in Old Zurich has a long history. It sits on Lindenhof hill, along the banks of the Limmat river, which give it a great view. The site has been the home of a Roman Castle, and a place of civil gathering. The outer square is flanked by beautiful old mansions and other buildings like the masonic lodge and the Lindenhof fortification.

The collection spans from the Middle Ages to contemporary art, with an emphasis on Swiss art. The museum was designed by architects Karl Moser and Robert Curjel, and opened in Particularly notable are the several preserved Moser interiors in the original section of the museum, decorated in masterful Neo-Grec style. The twin towers of this church are often considered the most recognizable landmark in all of Zurich.

The church has had many different upgrades to its original twelfth century version. Modern additions to the church include stained glass by celebrated artist Augusto Giacommetti, and Bronze sculpted doors by Otto Munch.

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The national flag consists of an equilateral white cross on a red background, each arm of the cross being one-sixth longer than its width. The Swiss franc SwFr of centimes, or rappen, is the national currency. There are coins of 1, 5, 10, 20, and 50 centimes and 1, 2, and 5 francs, and notes of 10, 20, 50, , , and 1, francs.

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Zurich has proportionally more clubs than any other city in Europe, ranging from Euro-chic to sleazier-than-an-Amsterdam-brothel. Prostitution is legal in Switzerland. The Girls Facial composite of average Swiss girl Appearance: The country is a unique melting pot of German, French and Italian speakers. The latter groups just have better genetics. All the best looking women I saw in Zurich were either mixed race, Italian, or Colombian sex-workers.

Swiss, but from Geneva. Many need to get pretty drunk before they open up.

Racist Attitudes in Switzerland? The Tales of two African-American Women

News For both short- and long-stay Lang, a family business, is planning to erect a boarding house on Landsberger Strasse in Munich with around 27 rooms and six apartments. In the selection workshop for the new building to replace an earlier structure EM2N emerged as winners against international competition. Their design proposes a dynamic mix of functions and positions the idea of community at the centre of the architecture.

The exhibition is accompanied by a variety of interventions in the still existing old building. The talk will be given on 23 February at

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Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, so you can find everything from strip bars and erotic massages to sex clubs and escort services in Zurich. These clubs usually ask an admission fee and perhaps some additional money depending on the service you require. In fact, they also pay a fee to use the establishments. In Zurich issued new regulations for sex clubs in an attempt to make this business safer for everyone.

Permission is only granted if a business follows all of the strict security, health, social security and tax regulations imposed by the city, doesn’t put any undue pressure on the sex workers, ensures their health and guarantees violence prevention. Sex clubs therefore offer quite a safe environment for both prostitutes and customers. Erotic massages Naturally, there are also plenty of erotic massage parlours. Despite the closure of many such places over the past decade, there are also some strip clubs in the city, which are often called nightclubs or cabarets.

They are located in the Niederdorf section of the old town or around Langstrasse, west of the main train station. You can expect rather expensive drinks i. Some offer table dances as well. Finally, there are also many escort services in town. Here then is a list of strip bars, erotic massage parlours and sex clubs. We believe these places to be upstanding businesses, but we still recommend employing simple common sense when delving into the world of adult entertainment.

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The Roman castle remained standing until the 7th century. A Carolingian castle, built on the site of the Roman castle by the grandson of Charlemagne , Louis the German , is mentioned in in castro Turicino iuxta fluvium Lindemaci. In , King Henry III granted the convent the right to hold markets, collect tolls, and mint coins, and thus effectively made the abbess the ruler of the city.

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Chat Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and is located in the north-central German-speaking part of the country. It is also located at the northern tip of Lake Zurich. However, it is also a city with a long history and boasts many museums approximately 50 and art galleries approximately to be enjoyed on Switzerland vacations. It is a living history and is where most of the churches and interesting old buildings are to be found on trips to Switzerland as well as the most expensive stores on the famous Bahnhofstrasse.

The Lindenhof District is a part of the Old Town. It is the oldest area of the city with settlement traces dating to pre-Roman times. Nearby Lindenhof Hill is the site of a Roman castle. The hilltop area including its prehistoric, Roman and Medieval remains is listed as a Swiss heritage site of national significance. It is an ornate edifice built in the neo-classical style.

The Schauspielhaus is a theatre complex and on of the most important theatres in the German-speaking world. The Grossmunster is an interesting Romanesque-style Protestant church and one of the three major churches in the city. Construction of the present structure commenced around AD. The museum building has become one of the main sights in the Old City.

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