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Keg Couplers About this product Perlick proudly offers multiple styles of Keg Couplers to accommodate a variety of domestic and imported kegs. G-Series Keg Couplers for domestic and imported kegs Provided with non-rotating probe in stainless steel or nickel-plated brass. Enlarged bore and wider tip opening produces less turbulence and restriction which allows for reduced line pressure and CO2 breakout.

Nickel-plated, forged brass body with three internally mounted seals.

run some steriliser through the beer line and out the tap. Let it stand for 5 minutes and repeat the process to sterilise the inside of the beer line. Disconnect the gas inlet and release the pressure from inside the keg, drain the keg and refill with clean water. placed by sterile CO.

See which is the best American beer city. Anyone who has ever been to a college keg party has seen a draft beer system in action. It’s a simple set-up, but that kind of beer service is a bit abusive to your beverage. So your favorite bars and restaurants don’t keep perma-drunk frat boys in the keg coolers to give the party tap a few pumps every 20 minutes.

The draft systems used to get beer to you from the keg at these places are more complicated than you might think. In any draft system, you’ve got six main components: These six pieces all work together in a delicate harmony to ensure that the beer served to you is properly chilled and carbonated, with an appropriate foamy head. Here’s how it all breaks down.

Cooler Back to that keg party. See how the keg is stuffed into a bucket and packed with ice? Beer needs to be kept cold not just so that it tastes good, but also to prevent spoilage and warm, foamy pours. But there aren’t any keg buckets in the backs of your favorite bars and restaurants either.

How to Hook Up a Keg

Distinctive soil and world-class winemakers work together to craft vintages meriting medals. Walk into a tasting room, and find an experience as impressive as it is unpretentious. Offers over 22km of groomed skate and classic cross country ski trails. The skiing is out in the open, sunny and has great views of the Plain Valley.

This set up is perfect for dispensing beer from multiple kegs, since the dispensing pressure should be the same for all kegs. If you are carbonating your beers at different gas pressures for each keg, then you will need a different approach.

Small Draft Systems Small kegging setups that lend themselves to easy transport. You can either fill from your kegerator or bottle condition directly in these. The BeerBox uses 2. These are sized to easily fit in a refrigerator or cooler. Each container contains an integrated port for a CO2 injector. Multiple tap styles are available.

You can condition and carbonate directly in these or fill from your larger kegging system. Everything you need to serve your keg on the go. The Party Pig uses 2. The pouches take the place of CO2 that would normally be required. The uKeg is vacuum insulated, has a 1 gallon capacity also available in a more standard 64 ounce size , is pressurized and has a built in tap. Start with a clean growler.

Refrain from using dish soaps and the like. Thoroughly rinse your growler after cleaning.

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Savagefred Initiate 0 Dec 13, South Carolina ncaudle said: I am going to run the tube from the CO2. I do want the beer to last longer for myself and the customers. Thanks for the response.

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Kegging your homebrew saves time and money and offers a very convenient way to serve your beer. This article walks you through the basics of purchasing a kegging system, filling your kegs and serving your kegged beer at home. A kegging system consists of a keg, a CO2 carbon dioxide gas tank, a pressure regulator and two hoses. One hose feeds CO2 gas into your keg inlet, and the other hose brings the beer from the keg to your tap. If you are just starting out with kegging your own beer, it is best to purchase a complete starter system from a single store.

Several popular brewing supply stores that sell kegging equipment can be found on our links page. Once you have your kegging system you will need to fill the CO2 tank with CO2 from a local beverage supply or gas supply store. CO2 Tank Filling a Keg Give your keg a thorough cleaning before use, as many used Cornelius kegs have soda residue present. Pressurize the keg with gas once and check for leaks by applying a small amount of soapy water around the hose fittings and valves.

The bar w/local beer on tap – Picture of Houlihan’s, Herndon

Breweries and the beautiful, clear, clean Northern Michigan water and air mixed together for an unforgettable experience. There is nothing better. Gather some friends or join an existing group and set up a fun-filled adventure kayaking or biking from brewery to brewery in downtown Traverse City. Leave the details to us.

Kayak Brewery Tours KBT is a Traverse City based company that specializes in fun. Well, it actually specializes in Traverse City Craft Brewery Tours type of fun.

We can attribute the demand in part to the wellness boom — the same New Yorkers putting grass-fed butter in their coffee also want perfectly pH-adjusted water to drink after sound-bath class. The crisis in Flint, Michigan, brought lead contamination to the forefront, and while we used to think that the fluoride in our New York City water was a good thing at least for our teeth , the Department of Health and Human Services recently cut almost in half the maximum allowable amount of fluoride in drinking water; the latest research suggests it could be responsible for thyroid problems and ADHD.

Also trying hard to go green: So we assembled a panel of three testers — food critic Adam Platt, booze writer and former bartender Mary Jane Weedman, and super-tasting pregnant editor Jessica Silvester — for a blind sampling of the offerings in the newest and buzziest water categories, plus a few bodega standbys for good measure. Joe McKendry Suddenly the wellness set is on a mission to get us all on an alkaline diet — eating quinoa and other so-called alkalizing meals to balance acidity caused by poor food choices.

And so we have the rise of alkalized water, with a pH of 8-plus below 7 is acidic. Pure water measures a 7, after all, and the body might well maintain a proper pH balance regardless of what you consume. It has a pH of over 8 and is fulvic-enhanced — which supposedly provides minerals, antioxidants, and natural electrolytes, and helps your hangover.

The kind of water you want to chug.

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